Kreativ Blogger Award

” June Whittle – Divine Copywriter @ Miraculous am adding one more music entertainment Kreativ Blogger award to give to you; a deserving lady. Clover Jean you are a fantastic entertainer; a professional wedding & party singer, comedienne and presenter. Clover Jean Muziek & Entertainment deserves this award! “

De Beste Nederlandse BloggersAs a female wedding, party singer and entertainer I am so delighted to receive recognition from such a respected, very inspiring blogger and influential independent body as the Miraculous The high standards of the organization are above expectations in empowering beautiful, successful business women, married and single ladies of all ages …

“I, Clover Jean accept the award; by sharing my biography and 5 personal facts about me”.

  1. My favorite color is purple; however  I do like to combine other colors, shades and hues too.
  2. I have a shoe fetish; my shoe size varies between 40 & 41 depending on the weather and my mood!
  3. As a child I wanted to become a doctor, however  a teacher at school soon shattered my illusion. They told me I was crazy.
  4. I am addicted to good food and really have to watch my weight. Diet coke an low carb; no way give me a full fat food day!
  5. And I’m not a natural blond…………..

I would like to nominate some other self-confessed bloggers.

Aerial de Neau:  District-A Interior stylist

JanekShow Events:

June Whittle: Dvine Copywriter

Online Babbels Magazine:

Please leave a comment and tell me who you would like to nominate with a Kreativ Blogger Award.


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