Personalize your Wedding Ceremony with a singing marriage celebrant

Clover and The GangWhether your planning a civil wedding or marriage ceremony at a church finding the right music entertainment for your special day is not always easy. The wedding industry has a huge range of singers, master of ceremonies and entertainer, so it can be extremely daunting. A singing marriage celebrant (master of ceremonies & singer) is an ideal combination.

They are experienced vocalists and trained in public speaking. This ensures your wedding ceremony and party goes without a hitch. Because a celebrant transforms the atmosphere so that you, your family, friends and guests feel totally at ease. Their contribution to your wedding will provide memorable moments for many years to come.

A celebrant combined wedding singer plays a very important role in the smooth running of your wedding ceremony. Without some form of entertainment your big day can feel a bit boring. A singing wedding celebrant makes your occasion a lovely and welcoming party. Your wedding will be remembered forever by your guests. With the perfect master of ceremonies they’ll get your family and friends laughing, conversing and most importantly get them on the dance floor. By using unique anecdotes and personal stories, that you provide they’ll make sure you are both center of attention.

A wedding celebrant has many talents and is able to do multiple tasks. For example they can also act as your master of ceremonies, write your wedding vows, entertain your guests or find the perfect wedding venue or music for you. So, with this in mind, you know you can rely on them to make your wedding a very unique experience!

Even if you wish to get married abroad, a wedding celebrant will travel to your wedding location. This can be anywhere in the world.  However, you will have to reimburse them the travel expenses. You can also choose to hold your marriage service at home. This requires certain licenses which can be obtained from your local town or city hall. This will create a very personal, fun and romantic wedding!

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From London with Love!

At the sweet age of 17, I embarked on my greatest adventure.  From London with Love; to Amsterdam, Paris, New York and the world. This song reminds me of that journey…..

I booked my exclusive ticket via Eurolines;  London to Amsterdam. Then boarded the coach at Victoria, which took me to Harwich, then the ship  and alighted at Hoek van Holland. Then on the coach again to my final destination  Amsterdam.

Happy Valentine’s Day:-)

When did you embark on your first great adventure?

Be One Of a Kind

Waardebepaling achteraf

Clover Jean - Twitter - Desmond Tutu

Clover Jean & Desmond Tutu

Als jazz, soul en gospel zangeres krijg ik regelmatig opdrachten binnen van goede doelen organisatie. Ik vind het allemaal  prima maar ik vraag wel een kleine vergoeding i.v.m voorbereiding, uitvoering en reistijd.

Met veel plezier heb ik opgetreden voor Aartsbisschop Desmond Tutu en Close the Gap een non-profit organisatie. Hun initiatieven heeft mij diep geraakt als zangeres/presentatrice en daarom heb ik  mijn muzikale medewerking verleend om een goede doel te steunen.  Wat een geweldig persoon en een waardevolle ervaring.  

Weet u misschien een goed doel waar ik mijn muzikale medewerking kan verlenen?

Stuur mij een mail o.v.v. Waardebepaling achteraf 2015

Kreativ Blogger Award

” June Whittle – Divine Copywriter @ Miraculous am adding one more music entertainment Kreativ Blogger award to give to you; a deserving lady. Clover Jean you are a fantastic entertainer; a professional wedding & party singer, comedienne and presenter. Clover Jean Muziek & Entertainment deserves this award! “

De Beste Nederlandse BloggersAs a female wedding, party singer and entertainer I am so delighted to receive recognition from such a respected, very inspiring blogger and influential independent body as the Miraculous The high standards of the organization are above expectations in empowering beautiful, successful business women, married and single ladies of all ages …

“I, Clover Jean accept the award; by sharing my biography and 5 personal facts about me”.

  1. My favorite color is purple; however  I do like to combine other colors, shades and hues too.
  2. I have a shoe fetish; my shoe size varies between 40 & 41 depending on the weather and my mood!
  3. As a child I wanted to become a doctor, however  a teacher at school soon shattered my illusion. They told me I was crazy.
  4. I am addicted to good food and really have to watch my weight. Diet coke an low carb; no way give me a full fat food day!
  5. And I’m not a natural blond…………..

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